July 18-20: Füge Udvar

Entry is free, booze is plenty, and the games will be more than awesome!

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July 21: Lurdy Ház Cinema

Holds tons of people, has a nominal entry fee of 500 HUF, and a huge, huge screen!

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What is a pubstomp?

A pubstomp is simply a gathering of Dota fans in pubs or bars to watch the hottest e-sports happenings throughout the year. The phenomonon stems from the Starcraft scene in early 2011 (where it's called "Barcraft"), and is only becoming more common as more games enter the e-sports scene, and more prestigious events are held.

Why should I go to a pubstomp?

Pubstomps are a substitute for being at the live event - you get a sense of atmosphere and community that you don't get just watching the games at home. You also get to socialize and meet others local to you with similar interests, and that's never a bad thing.

What is The International?

The International is Dota 2's annual championship tournament, inviting top teams from around the world to compete for one of the largest prize pools in E-sports history. The tournament is hosted by Valve Corporation – the developer's of Dota 2, without any external sponsors, and is often regarded as one of the most innovative e-sports events – finding new ways to support the e-sports industry year after year.


Pubstomp.hu's The International 2014 event will be held in the heart of Budapest. Füge Udvar is easily accessible, being located right next to Blaha Lujza tér. Anyone is welcome to attend, and attendance is free for the first three days. Füge Udvar can be trusted to satisfy all your needs for drinks and snacking. The cinema in Lurdy Ház has a cafeteria, but you're free to leave the cinema and come back later any time, which is super convenient as the Lurdy Ház mall has a rather comprehensive set of restaurants.

Travelling in?

Füge Udvar is right next to the city centre, so it shouldn't be very hard to find. It's a three minute walk from Blaha Lujza tér, which can be approached by, for instance, metro line M2, tram lines 4, 6, 28, and 37, and also bus lines 5, 7, 7E, 8, 8A, 107, 112, 133, 178, 233, and 239—see, I told you to you have nothing to worry about.
Lurdy Ház is a bit further away from the city centre, but it still shouldn't take longer than around 30 minutes to get there. The bus line 103 drops you off right at the place, which in turn is connected to metro line M2 at the Puskás Ferenc Stadion metro station. If you don't mind a 15 minute walk, you can also get off of metro line M3 at Nagyvárad tér, and continue your trip on foot.